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UltraCruz Equine Electrolyte Paste

UltraCruz Equine Electrolyte Paste

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UltraCruz® Equine Electrolyte Paste

  • Helps replenish electrolytes
  • Aids in supporting muscle development
  • May promote post-exercise recovery

UltraCruz® Equine Electrolyte is a comprehensive blend of important macro- and micro-minerals designed to restore electrolyte levels in horses after vigorous exercise or during hot weather. Horses lose electrolytes during work, mainly in the form of sweat. A horse that sweats a lot during hot weather or exercise is at risk for a negative electrolyte balance because of the mineral loss that can occur. Supplementing electrolytes helps to replenish electrolytes lost during strenuous exercise, supports muscle development and post-exercise recovery, and may also promote proper hydration by stimulating thirst.

Sodium is critical for normal nerve and muscle function as well as transport of many substances, such as glucose, across cell membranes. There is very little Sodium in forages and grains, and horses in intensive work or exposed to hot weather may not consume enough sodium in their diet, and therefore may require additional sodium supplementation.

Potassium is an electrolyte that helps maintain the body's acid/base balance and hydration status. Since it is the main electrolyte involved in muscle contraction, the highest amounts of Potassium in the body are found in muscle tissue, including the heart.

Magnesium serves as an electrolyte in the blood, as an activator of hundreds of enzymes, and as a participant in muscle contractions.

Calcium has important roles in muscle contraction, blood clotting, enzyme regulation and hormone release. Young, growing horses and exercising horses may need to be supplemented with more Calcium than an adult horse at rest.

Guaranteed Analysis (Paste): Per recommended daily amount (1 syringe; 60 ml):

Calcium (min): 0.6%

Calcium (max): 0.7%

Potassium (min): 6%

Magnesium (min): 0.4%

Phosphorus (min): 0.25%

Zinc (min): 400 ppm

Iron (min): 690 ppm

Copper (min): 160 ppm

Manganese (min): 60 ppm

Ingredients: Soybean oil, Salt, Potassium Chloride, Kaolin, Glycerin, Mono-Diglycerides, Dextrose, Magnesium Sulfate, Pea Protein, Dicalcium phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Silicon Dioxide, Zinc Gluconate, Calcium Propionate (as a preservative), Ferrous Gluconate, Guar Gum, Copper Gluconate, Green apple flavor, Manganese Citrate.